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Make your own Teddy

How it works

All our teddies are also available for you to take home and stuff by hand and make the perfect gift. You could even host your own Teddy Making Party at home. You can purchase Teddy Making Kits here

Teddies are 16" and cost £14.95 each. Outfits and shoes range from £5-£10.

All bears and outfits are compatable with Build-a-Bear bears and clothing.

Make an appointment to come and make your new teddy here. Walk-in appointments are often available so pop in and see if we can fit you in.

Teddy Making Parties Coming Soon!


Step 1: Choose a Teddy Skin

Take a look at all our Teddy skins and choose the one you would like to stuff.

Step 2: Stuff

One of our staff members will help you stuff your bear using our special Ted Stuffing Machine.


Step 3: Heart Insert

Perform the 'cuddle test' on your teddy and when satisfied, make a wish and insert your teddy's heart. Our staff member will close the back of the teddy for you.

Step 4: Birth Certificate

It's time to name your new best friend. Fill out its birth certificate.


Step 4: Accessories

If you want to you can add clothes and shoes to your bear.


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